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Diet Won't Work –Habitual Changes Do!

Sustainable weightloss seems impossible once you've tried dieting and the predictable weight rebound.

Habiits will aid you in creating great

  • Eating habits
  • Exercise habits
  • Sugar habits
  • Sleeping habits
  • And Self-esteem and confidence

Start your Habiits experience with two free audio files

Learn about the 5 daily steps to obtain a healthy and sustainable weightloss and how you create new habits to reach your goals

With this you will get a flavor of the methodology and get you quickly into the result creating phase

We are with you all the way from day 1 through to day 100 Create your own treatment flow Get inspired, work with the new insights and make them habits Experience increased motivation as you progress and start reaping the results

Customer Testimonials

“I followed the programme for about 100 days. When I signed up for the programme, I thought it was my last attempt. Otherwise I would have to resort to more drastic measures. I was suffering from, and depressed about my excess weight, and could no longer see a solution. Throughout the treatment I spent 15 minutes a day and made changes I didn’t believe possible. All the changes are just small adjustments to my everyday life, which slowly but surely brought me closer and closer to my goal. I learned that weight isn’t the most important thing. It’s a state of mind and attitude. Then slowly but surely you lose the weight. Mentality is the crucial issue when it comes to achieving lasting weight loss. I haven’t felt under pressure, as was often the case whenever I tried yet another way of losing weight. I felt all the time that I had support to prevent me from stumbling along the way. I’m delighted that I chose this treatment. It has enabled to me to see myself in a way I deserve. Getting to love oneself is hard to imagine. But it’s something I’ve learned. Today I weigh 121 kg. (Given that in January I weighed 140g, that means I have lost about 20 kg.)”

Lasting weight lossMarianne 38 years

“I’m so delighted to have had my eyes opened to the issue of habits. I’ve tried so many diets, but in vain. It was always hard to sustain my weight afterwards. Throughout the programme, I never felt hungry or felt that I had to suffer when it came to losing weight. It’s all about choices - and coaching my inner voices. I think I’ve learned how to do it. Having said/written that, I also allow myself good food and a glass of red wine or beer on some weekends and on holidays. Naturally, that means I haven’t lost weight quite so quickly, but that’s ok. Since starting to use the audio files I’ve lost 9.4 kg. I’ve also started weight training, so I think some of the fat has turned into muscle :-) I want to emphasise that it’s actually possible to lose weight without a strict diet. You can coach your inner voice to help you and gain energy and joy from this programme. Thanks for the opportunity – it’s been a great experience.”

Lasting weight lossSandra 47 years

“It was a girl friend who told me about this programme. I got curious as to whether it could work for me instead of constantly trying various diets, none of which ever had a lasting result. It’s been a fantastic process and has really succeeded in getting me to keep going and develop some excellent habits.”

Lasting weight lossSusan 54 years