We want to help you solve the challenge of tackling excess weight. There are an increasing number of treatment options, but very few yield positive results.


  • Habiits were founded with the ambition to have a meaningful impact on the global obesity epidemic.
  • We understand obesity and are enthusiastic about finding new solutions to success at scale. That's Habiits.
  • No pills, no injections, no surgery, no sideeffects.
  • Medicine or diets can support such change in behavior but not create it.
  • Our philosophy is simple, and scientific. Taking the pain out of weightloss by applying knowledge and tools. Change happens when the, often unconscious, patterns underlying unhealthy actions are understood.
  • Habiits takes you beyond willpower and increases your odds of a lean and healthy life.


We want to create a well-evidenced treatment option that is available to everyone. One that provides lasting weight loss. That is why we have designed an app-based solution as a realistic option for most people. The user devises his or her own course of treatment on the basis of the tools and the framework, which Habiits™ provides. During the course, the user will feel inspired, motivated and supported in his or her efforts to create positive, healthy habits that will result in lasting weight loss.


Sten Svensson

Private coach, therapist & Founder

Bo Petersen

Business Developer & founder

Rasmus Just

Succesful obesity researcher & inventor. Founding investor.