Quick Guide

Getting Started – How the App Works

Habiits™ is unique and innovative. Here are some of the highlights.

When you download your Habiits™ app, you will be asked to create a profile.

Once that is done, you need to choose whether you want to sign up directly or via Facebook.

You will be requested to enter your weight. That is so that, after 20 days, you can celebrate your result.

Otherwise, signing up is exactly as it is for other apps.

Once you have logged in, you will be given a brief introduction. It will introduce you to the themes you will be working on during the 100 days.

The Habiits™ course is divided into various themes. They are divided into levels and steps.

The three lines in the top right-hand corner of the window are the Menu. If you select ‘My Course’, you can see which levels you have completed. At the same time, you can see how long the audio file lasts, and how many times you should listen to it.

Each course starts with a fact sheet, briefly telling you about the theme you are about to start working on.

Notice the icon at the top on the left. Here you can always go back and read the text again.

Particularly when you have proceeded further in the process, these fact sheets provide a great range of ideas.

The key to Habiits™ consists of the audio files, which guide you in your effort to change habits.

Make yourself comfortable and allow yourself some personal quality time. The files are designed to help you relax.

You will be asked to listen to each audio file a number of times. Repetition is important when it comes to creating new mental patterns.

Often the commentary in the audio file will conclude up to a minute before the actual audio file finishes. It is important to let it play out. You then get access to filling in your ‘Mood Barometer’.

Once you have finished listening to an audio file, you will be asked to assess your mood.

During a course, there may be good and bad days, but hopefully the graph will curve upward.

You can find your previous entries in the Menu under ‘Mood Barometer’.

After entering your mood, you will be asked to write some keywords to sum up what influenced your mood.

Try to concentrate on what went well and what you would like to praise yourself for. This is important in terms of coaching your subconscious.

Elaborate on your keywords with a note about what went well during the day and how you can do even better tomorrow.

Under the ‘Mood Barometer’ menu, you will find 2 options.

‘My Development’ features a graph of the smileys you have given yourself during the course.

‘My Notes’ provides you with access to the notes you have written along the way.

The Mood Barometer plays an important role in sustaining your motivation along the way. Remember to concentrate on all the things that have gone well. Both big and little things.

Once you have reached your goal and broken your pattern, you will definitely be ready to set a new goal. You have proven to yourself that you can do well. So why not repeat the success?